Marjolein Bastin has an incredible skill for portraying the natural world in a way that captures the imagination.  Her artwork has been featured the world over and is used by well known companies such as Hallmark. Despite her achievements as an artist, Majolein remains humble and dedicates her craft to helping people connect with nature and the simpler aspects of life. Now, through our exciting partnership, her charming artwork can take the form of flags, doormats, mailbox cover, and blankets, which bring peace and beauty to your home.

Besides her artwork, Marjolein also writes and illustrates children’s books. Her endearing character, Vera the Mouse, has captured hearts around the world. Now you can spend an afternoon with Vera and her friends with Flagology’s Vera the Mouse collection. Decorate your home and garden with flags featuring Vera, Dolly, Saar, Fritzey, and the rest of the gang. Add fun to your home all year round with charming Vera the Mouse flags themed for Easter, Christmas, fall, and winter. If you hold a tender spot in your heart for Vera the Mouse, you will love this collection.

Add personalized fun to your life with customizable products featuring the delightful artwork of Marjolein Bastin. The artwork depicts delightful nature scenes that will bring a smile and deepen your connection to nature. Hear the song of the birds with flags, blankets, and mailbox covers featuring hummingbirds, blue jays, robins, and many other species. Enjoy the company of your animal friends with flags and blankets depicting cats, dogs, cows, rabbits and more. When life gets too hectic, remind yourself to slow down and smell the flowers with flags featuring beautiful paintings of your favorite flower varieties. You can make these pieces your own by customizing it with your name, address, or other text.

Decorate your home all year round with Marjolein Bastin seasonal and holiday collections. The artwork is touching and nostalgic. It is like a long-lost memory that makes you yearn for simpler times. Viewing the artwork is like receiving a warm, reassuring hug from nature that everything will turnout alright.

Celebrate the start of the growing season with flags, blankets, doormats, and mailbox covers for springtime and summer. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can still enjoy the blooming of spring flowers with flags featuring Marjolein’s flowery artwork. Lilies, sunflowers, Daisies, and many other flower varieties adorn these flags and will brighten your home or garden. Every year we wait in anticipation to hear the birds singing in the trees and bushes. There is nothing quite so refreshing as hearing the innocent and cheerful song of our feathered friends carrying on the spring breeze. Now you can celebrate the return of the songbirds with flags, blankets, doormat, and mailbox covers featuring delightful imagery of your favorite bird species. Marjolein’s artwork perfectly captures the joyful and peaceful emotion that accompanies the singing of the birds. When warm weather rolls around, there is no better way to welcome it than with décor from the Marjolein Bastin springtime and summer collection. 

When the leaves begin to fall, decorate your home and garden with Marjolein Bastin flags decorated with the themes of autumn. Imagery of turkeys, pumpkins, the annual harvest, and warm, golden leaves abound in this collection.  Bid a fond farewell to your winged friends before they bundle down for the winter with artwork showcasing birds enjoying the pleasant days of fall. The flags, doormats, and mailbox covers in this collection are perfect for adding a welcoming air to house and garden.

Despite the cold and blustery weather, the winter months have a certain enchantment that warms hearts. Marjolein Bastin’s winter artwork perfectly captures that magical atmosphere. Have fun in the snow with Vera the Mouse as she brings home a Christmas tree or builds a snowman. Establish your home as a haven for birds who didn’t fly south for the winter with flags showcasing these feathered friends enjoying the snowy weather.

Easter is all about new life, and that is exactly what Marjolein Bastin captures with her Easter artwork. One look at her paintings reminds you to focus on the good and beautiful things of life. From sleepy bunnies snuggled in the meadow to the simple beauty of easter flowers, this collection is perfect for reflecting on the miracle of life.

Celebrate the holiday of romance with flagology’s Marjolein Bastin Valentine’s Day collection. Flowers have long been the sign of affection on this special day, and this collection features beautiful artwork of flowers that are practically as good as the real thing. Marjolein’s masterful brush strokes capture not only the smallest detail but also the tender love with which flowers are given. These flags featuring her touching artwork are perfect for giving as a gift or simply for setting a romantic atmosphere.  

Snuggle up in a cozy blanket featuring the charming artwork of Marjolein Bastin. Fall asleep every night wrapped in the tender arms of nature. Marjolein’s beautiful depictions of nature range for birds to cats, and from sandy shores to lovely meadow flowers. Personalize your own blanket with your name, your pet’s name, or other text. 

Make every trip through your doorway a joyful one with doormats featuring artwork from renowned artist Marjolein Bastin. When we view her delightful paintings of birds, we can practically hear them singing. With these doormats, you will be reminded everyday to reconnect with nature and take time to enjoy the simple things of life. These doormats are made from a heavy duty recycled rubber and are suitable for use in indoor and outdoor, high traffic environments.

Decorate your mailbox with bright, happy imagery with Marjolein Bastin mailbox covers. These lovely mailbox covers utilize Marjolein’s talent for capturing nature with a paint stroke to make your mailbox runs a little more enjoyable. Featuring birds and flowers, these covers will help you to reconnect to nature. These magnetic mailbox covers easily adhere to metal mailboxes and can be attached to non-metal boxes through use of the included zip-ties.

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