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Marjolein Bastin Flags and Doormats

Flagology is delighted to introduce Dutch artist, illustrator and author Marjolein Bastin to you! She is famous for her watercolor paintings of the beauty she finds in the natural world and now we are putting images like Sweet Summer on flags for you to enjoy year round. And is the only place where you’ll find Marjolein Bastin Flags and Doormats!

Sharing time between her homes in Holland, Switzerland, the Cayman Islands and America, Marjolein Bastin is able to experience a wide range of natural habitats and spend as much time outdoors as possible for inspiration. With a keen ability to see the exquisite beauty in everyday events, like a bird landing on a tree or a shell laying on the sand, she transforms the ordinary into art. Her attention to detail, her passion for living things and the simplistic beauty of nature can be seen in gorgeous images like Crowded Dogwood.

It is easy to see why her work has fans of all ages all over the world. Her paintings are not only visually pleasing but they evoke a feeling of being in a place you can almost touch, smell and hear. This rare gift has lead large companies to reproduce her art on everything from glassware to greeting cards to be used inside of homes. Now Flagology is proud to introduce an exclusive line of Marjolein Bastin flags and doormats! Let us help you grace the outside of your home, or anyplace beauty is welcome, with Marjolein Bastin’s graceful snapshots of nature. View the full collection here.

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