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Flagology's Statement on COVID-19

We started our company with the intent to bring our consumers joy, to brighten their yards, and to tell their story.  During this time, seeing what our customers are ordering is both inspirational and at times, overwhelming. We are truly blessed to work for a company that can allow people to express themselves during a time of crisis. And you are allowing us to work, so we are grateful for that too.  We are a small team, and are mostly working remotely – customer service, design, and order processing folks are all at home, juggling your orders along with parenting and home schooling.  Our printing team is still hard at work producing, but with much distancing, and sanitizing.

Finally, we are fortunate to have many manufacturing relationships, and so we are searching the globe for masks for our first responders locally.  So far, we have received over 1800 that were donated to medical facilities around the country. It’s a drop in the bucket, so wish us luck as we search for more.  We know the need is great, and we are doing our best to help.

Who is Flagology™?

Here at Flagology.com, you can create your very own custom flag, personalized with your photos and text, on a high quality fabric you’ll love. Flagology was started because we love flags – and because we were inspired by a special rescue dog named Bella. We have since added Doormats, Blankets, Mailbox Covers and Garden Statuary as well!

When you shop at Flagology.com you are supporting a certified Women Owned enterprise. Located just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, we are a small business with only 8 employees and 3 fur employees. Follow along with us daily and keep up with our current promotions by liking us on social media: Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter

The Story of How it All Began

by Flagology.com Owner, Susan Boaz:

I’ve sold flags for over 25 years, one way or another.  I love flags.  They are personal and beautiful, they brighten a garden, and they are a small part of our personality that we hang proudly for the world to see. 

One day, I adopted a mutt.  Her name is Bella and she makes me happy.  She is not a fancy dog – she looks kind of like a cross between a Chihuahua and a dachshund and a terrier and who knows what else.  I was not a “small dog kind of person” before Bella, but now she sleeps, curled up next to me & my big sweet Labrador.  Little Bella is Queen of the house.  It’s a long way from her roots – she was rescued in a trash can at a few days old, with her two sisters and mama.

Anyway, there isn’t a Bella flag out there. I couldn’t find anything that matches her unique personality.  So I made one!  Isn’t she cute?  After making this flag – and another of my daughter cheerleading – I realized that I love, love, love making photo flags.  I literally woke up one morning and had a dream to make photo flags available for everyone.    And after asking tons of friends, who all said “yes, I want one of my son, garden, beach trip, dog, grand baby…,” I realized that we might have a really cool idea.

So Flagology was born!


The best part of our job is the notes from people that we make flags for.  A grandfather who received a flag of his grandson in Afghanistan.  A new baby whose flag flew in the garden on Memorial Day.  Seeing so many puppies and cats and horses, and whatever pet you can imagine! People who cried when they saw their flag.  People who started laughing and could not stop.  It has been so much fun. So, this site is for you.  It’s for whoever or whatever you love.  “Put your heart on your flag” – that’s what I hope you will do.


And I hope you will have fun & be proud of what you create.  Because sharing what is dear to us with others – well, I think that’s pretty much what life is all about.   So to all of you who helped make this dream into a company to all my friends who listen to me obsess about flags – thank you for making my dreams come true! Order a custom flag!  And we have doormats, and mailbox covers and blankets now too! We a “tiny” small business, and we will treat your order with care and love.

Sending love to all ya’ll out there! Put your heart on a flag and help us make this dream a reality.

Thank you for supporting us!!!